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wTuesday, October 24, 2006

Rocky III says: (12:16:59)
hi mate how's things?
kicking_k says:? (12:17:25)
dunno. ok. you?
Rocky III says:? (12:17:37)
similar i think
Rocky III says:? (12:18:08)
seem to be in some kind of stasis
Rocky III says:? (12:18:39)
so you wanting to pack in the deejaying thing?
kicking_k says:? (12:18:51)
is not an option.
kicking_k says:? (12:19:12)
am mostly just increasingly frustrated at not having time to write play.
kicking_k says:? (12:19:42)
and have decided i need to change things round - make it more of a priority.
Rocky III says:? (12:19:58)
so what are you going to sacrafice?
kicking_k says:? (12:20:22)
kicking_k says:? (12:20:33)
already given up on most socializing for it.
kicking_k says:? (12:20:47)
'it' being club/mag work...
Rocky III says:? (12:21:26)
guess if you have trimmed the fat not much you can do really
kicking_k says:? (12:21:49)
but there has to be.
kicking_k says:? (12:22:03)
for starters, am planning a month at mum's where i jjust work on play.
Rocky III says:? (12:27:54)
I'm so much in limbo at the moment I just have no idea what i'm doing
Rocky III says:? (12:28:32)
with work/socially/emotionally... everything just seems pointless
kicking_k says:? (12:31:13)
it's that old thing - you have to let yr actions lead. emotiions will follow.
Rocky III says:? (12:31:35)
yeah very phlosopical
kicking_k says:? (12:31:36)
if you wait for yr mood to change without changing the situatiion they're based upon, you cd be waiting forever.
Rocky III says:? (12:32:26)
yeah i know...yer righti tell myself the same thing all the time it's just having no effect at the moment
kicking_k says:? (12:33:00)
don't wait for it to have an affect. just go out and do what you intellectually know is the right thing to do.
kicking_k says:? (12:35:12)
i know it's not so easy, but..
Rocky III says:? (12:35:41)
yeah...as you said not easy
Rocky III says:? (12:36:00)
I'm determined to do something very soon though
kicking_k says:? (12:36:00)
but you can do it.
kicking_k says:? (12:36:20)
and doing something not easy will make you feel better about yrself precisely 'cause... it wasn't easy.
Rocky III says:? (12:37:51)
such logic
Rocky III says:? (12:38:08)
but blah blah blah
kicking_k says:? (12:39:18)
it's easier to say than do.

posted by kicking_k at 6:51 am

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