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wMonday, August 28, 2006

when there's nothing left to do

it's been productive. everything. all my time, the last few weeks. i'm ahead of schedule. and now it's sunday night and the house is empty and i can't think what to do until the time i decide it wd not be too tragic to go to bed.

out last night, but aside from a few conversations with fond friends, was bored, left early. spent the entirity of today writing assorted articles and napping in between bouts of mental activity. very pleased with results, actually - but a bit lost now that they're done and dispatched. i have a pretty specific focus in my life and it's a tangent that tends toward self-reliance... and as an extension of that, isolation. i want to find a better balance, but i also want to find some time from someplace to get back to the play, so i don't know how that's possible...

got turned down for a loan. not entirely surprised to learn i have a poor credit score. still, is hardly the end of the world if i don't register on calculators. there's always options. hmm. ok, fuck this. i'm of to YouTube to watch j-pop videos or Colbert Report clips or something.

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