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wFriday, May 19, 2006

good child syndromw

all-pervading penury has made for some changes around here. dayjob business. in one week i've gone from being the drone with 'four times more idle time than aanyone else in the room' to top-scoring dials-per-hour APH-acing pro-suck. i am a sad dynamo.

all this necessary as i return to the bad old days of five-day weeks in an unabashed effort to dig myself out of the extremities of debt i've slipped into. at the same time i managed to generate a £9 library fine today. is depressing to be so pre-occupied with finance but, let's face it, the social pressure to act as if unbothered by the cost of things (whilst recognising the *value* of other intangibles) is a half-veiled aristo virtue transplanted across the scale to people who don't actually have the luxury.

better news: finished first draft of first half of play yesterday. 43pp. relatively psyched. haven't definitively decided if i'm doing anything at weekend - may stay in, throw writing jag and aim toward havig a revamped version of same down by end of month.

have sent two unanswered emails to NT now. starting to feel myself slipping out of any meaningful feedback loop. no option but to write on, to push harder - but it's disheartening.

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