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wMonday, April 03, 2006

momentum of tedium

submitted synopsis to NT, to NT writers' group, to director i met recently. no response from no one so far, but i at least have the sense i've made an opening move.

starting the first full draft tomorrow, which i'm looking forward to now that i've made a much better fist of sketching the blueprint. as to whether i can score an attachment - i have no idea. i'm positive, but have to remember that, even if not, the very fact the NT is going to consider it (regardless of whether they assist with production of same) is a unique privilege and a very necessary spur to keep me obsessing over getting it finished and getting it right (unfortunately, these two clash on a regular basis).

ICFTHS sold out - eventually. sorry to say goodbye to SSX Arts, but it will be good to play music loud again. was really hyper, nerves i guess, 'unpredictable'. spent much of time ricocheting around venue, squawking like modem, climbing over chairs, dancing, and ostentatiously eating an apple, memorably.

went to friend's house after to witness the shrine he'd made to end religion. not one but two men lactated in the kitchen. i fell asleep, spent much of sunday housebound and alone whilst housemates met up with friends, wondered when exactly i stopped doing stuff like that, how isolated in general i've made myself. weekend is only time i see anyone outside of housemates or work colleagues, like token trip to church. reflecting on previous post, is no wonder i'm paranoid. also fear i may have stunted what basic social skills i once posessed. certainly don't seem to make as many new friends as i used to.

reading a lot: peter handke, a fairly hagiographical history of NT, a survey of influential directors. once that's done, i'm going back to Shakespeare - it's been a while.

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