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wMonday, April 24, 2006

anniversary of what

pretty late, but not too late, cdn't sleep, three in the morning thoughts, a jutting lower lip in less light, a list of scenelets to set down for when i come to tomorrow. outside my window birds flutter + chirrup like dial-up modems trying to connect. ooh la la & etc.

had a birthday, except not, which is to say, didn't celebrate as such, no gesture, no ritual humiliation, centre of attention for no good reason - but addressed in own way, which equalled not really seeing friends or doing anything (like anything) in public but instead locking self in room and spending the more-or-less entire weekend trying to kickstart the next draft of the play. more-than-less successful, 20 pages at time of writing, flawed but going forward, pretty excited actually, this cd go somewhere (i always say that).

less good: gnasty, my housemate has had to move out, various issues, mounting problems behind the scenes - has already left town to regroup. it came very abruptly and totally regretfully - not something i can discuss here, but i'm sad to see her go and hope she comes back soon feeling better and twice as powerful. not looking forward to trying to replace her. it'll be a slower, sadder place without.

ok. i shd shut down. the sky's starting to pale and my eyes ache. feel kind of low, but that's probably an energy issue. i shd comfort read. i shd try at least to sleep.

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