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wSunday, January 22, 2006

i’m a multiple

"A MySpace account was created in January 2006 to provide an online reference and/or outreach for self-defined individuals in a time when street teams have inherited the earth. The Diaspora becomes a flock - and Fairweather & Goodchild looks forward to being its sheepdog. (c) Fairweather & Goodchild, 2005."

i invented Fairweather & Goodchild a few years ago for an exhibition up north. i dummied up a questionnaire and a corporate display, printed up some imaginary backstory about a Japanese project to offer their workers a more creative experience at work. there were questions like: Do you still daydream? If you do, what do you daydream about? If not, at what age did you stop?

i've resurrected them as a Myspace project. the bio is all about Rhizomatic Marketing (which i think i coined), and the kind of posturing pseudo-biographic endless signifying of individual's profiles. i wanted to see if people wd add without looking, or whether they'd look and still add, or - i dunno, i was hungover and i cdn’t face reading another fucking play. it made me giggle for a while.

first i requested all the bands on the Myspace Record comp. then i tried to get in on this automated train deal whereby people approve each other in industrial quantities, a means of making up the numbers, i guess. there are regular individuals who have tens of thousands of 'friends'. one girl posts three bulletins a night on what TV programme she is going to watch, the state of her hair, a one-word approval of photo-captioning ('yay'). it's nuts. but, y'know, fascinating.

anyway, then i added as many death metal bands beginning with 'A' as i cd. i’m seriously contemplating seeing how many Christian rap outfits beginning with 'B' i can slide in next to them. then, when i'm 200+ (50+ in 24h) i'll start propositioning individuals, see if i get more of a response, even a question mark. and then-n-n-n, i'll start writing the essays... (you'll see).

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