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wWednesday, October 12, 2005

work hard play dead

yes, yes it is a good title. yes, if you are one of my disreputable musician-type friends, it may be *available*. but i want a credit on the record. and a guest rap.

less levity, more reality: i have been writing non-stop, mostly flash fic - finished The Bad Photographs (again) this time for real. it is morally grubby. also, what will *solidify* into my assault on McSweeneys - How To Be Real. i wd repro some excerpts here but i don't want to blow the syndication. suffice to say it is *conceptually rigorous*. i also started to write a zine by mistake the other night. i don't know what will happen with that. oh, and i'm midway through the first of a *suite* i'll probably collect as Found Titles 2005 (all from popular searches in my Friendster network).

in between, went out. friday: friends' bands (shrag / coin-op / miss pain) YAY. friends' new club night (The Do) WOOT. was especially proud of how the latter made good on their threat to play lightning bolt to a dance floor. *really* glad right now to have something new to do (not pun. coincidence.) not so very impressed with characteristically vulturesque policies of venue management, who promised all concerned a 2-for-1 deal and then reneged some time around 11:30. "you've drank it all!" excalaimed the barmaid in an ingratiating squeal. "no, i haven't," i reasonably replied. still. hiccups. nothing. progress. onward.

saturday, woke sick, *puked blood* (ROCK to the DOCS!) nothing serious, i'm sure. that night my two housemates, le rave + gnasty joined swayzee for Unpop spectacular. then Detournement. flyered with difficulty for two clubs simultaneously (my own plus the afore-mentioned). hung around for afterparty before admitting defeat, slipping homeward, zoning out.

plans for Painted Galaxy are going well. i have been reading a lot of short novels, secondhand books my only luxury in between nitelife £££... this week: The Third Policeman (Flann O'Brien), Try (Dennis Cooper), The Immoralist (Andre Gide). also: extra shifts in despis'd day job, afternoon into evening.

i know where my time goes, and I WANT IT BACK.

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