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wFriday, September 30, 2005

stop living like you're never going to die

sunday afternoon and i'm summoned (via accursed mobile phone) to nearby pub where friends who've been out all weekend have staked out a table in the beer garden. arrived to find them in two separate huddles, some in tears, others with the wide eyes and wagging tails of loving pets. being sober and well-rested, i was on an entirely earthier frequency. drank a soft drink down quick and quit.

the day before, wordy left, was replaced by another friend, who i shall call The Accessoriser for now. she remade his room in 24hours - an eccentric academic's back-office into a total boudoir.

for three days i trawled the ether for new music, occasional breaks for lovecraft short stories or micro-naps, expeditions to supermarche where i'd ghost past special offers to the wine section. maybe 60% of my life is spent within the couple of square metres between computer and bed.

i've completed my first crack at straight flash fic, and am pretty pleased with it. better still, it's transparently one in an ongoing series, a good format, i think. before the club cut in, i was making pretty steady progress with on the pull of things besides. it's going to take a little while, but it'll be worth it. aim to have a draft done by the end of the month, when i'll use it consolidate interest of small handful friendly agents, publishers - and then, the novel... fragments from it keep washing up like ruins on a beach. i note them down and i try not to think about it (too much).

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