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wFriday, September 09, 2005

just a couple o'links today, related to Hurricane Katrina. first up, flickr have rejigged their system so all photos posted have a tag, and you can search via tag - hence, searching for 'katrina' brings up all personal photos taken by residents etc affected - since these are essentially amateur shots, often accompanied by personal commentary, it's a very different, highly intimate way of seeing from network media, and a sign of how indiemedia cd develop in the future.

also: if you haven't seen kanye west's ad-hoc one-man protest against institutionalised racism within the US media reporting of 'looters' here it is (scroll downward, traveller). i'm not totally sold on his new album, but that's a matter of taste. hijacking a platitudinous no-blame corporate weep-in to express yr righteous anger gets my R.E.S.P.E.C.T. every time. oh, and evidence of what he was talking about here.

much of this via barbelith, still the only mssg board i've ever felt at home (and due to be featured in The Guardian on monday. w00t!)

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