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wTuesday, August 23, 2005

notes for the daze after

Dear kicking_k,

Thank you for sending your stories to us for our consideration. I'm
sorry, but we're not going to make an offer on these.
I'm afraid that our lists are full until early 2007 so we are not
accepting unsolicited submissions at the moment. Furtherstill, we're not
actually looking for short stories at present but are maintaining a
tight focus on the novel, which we feel has more market potential at

However, I think that your stories are very original with particular
strength in their endings. If I'm to be entirely honest with you I both
loved and hated The No Answer Machine. I think that you're probably the
more cutting edge type of writer who Canongate usually look for and
subsequently there was much I enjoyed about your work...

ok, so the current plan goes something like: redraft on the pull of things - send the same to the publishers + agents who said pleasant things, a makeweight to tempt a novel - meanwhile hit lit magz with shorter pieces, for the purposes of manufacturing a rep - continue to master dreamweaver - make a site with skills learnt - formalize own imprint and get putting stuff out in paper format, locally and thru zine trades etc - if all goes well, return (temporarily) to the worst place in the world, the place that made me, maybe make something out of nothing, eventually.

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