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wThursday, August 25, 2005

more life elsewhere

sufjan has the Qs and is apparently enthused about them, fingers cross. meanwhile, i'm helping organise a film event for Plan B - my suggestions for screenings so far: the cockettes and american movie... yr suggestions below, he added, somewhat optimistically.

this is the scariest thing i found whilst researching the apparent rise of fundamentalism in the states - an apparently sober and well-sourced site that paints a genuinely unsttling picture of an emergent ideological elite. whereas CHRISTIAN ROCK: Blessing or Blasphemy is the wall-to-wall nutsiest.

i spent most of yesterday and today inputing dreamweaver basics into my brain, finishing the book of the series of the cold war, looking out the window at the rain and nailing the first draft of three hairstyles in one day, which i might quite like again.

a friend left town today for new york. i hope she reads this and knows she'll be missed.

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