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wTuesday, July 05, 2005

i earn these blushes

naturally, my case of the dooomies passed away within a couple of hours. i bought some books, for starters, one about real life euthenasia that's allegedly *funny*, some earnest intro to parapsychology (for script), some Marshall McLuhan and Raymond Williams. i read and reread the covers, contents page, index, felt edified. played on the pterodactyl game i found on laptop. at first i wasn't very good, but now i'm seriously considering going pro. i napped periodically. today, my phone phinally arrived and i got the interview near-finished. i watched big brother with Le Rave, who i am glad to have back. wordy returned today, too, from Budapest. house feels a whole lot homelier. i am a sentimental prick.

was planning to head up to edinburgh at weekend to be a face in crowd, but plans may have fallen thru. i tried to sell a new lifestyle mag on my doing a politics page. they didn't go for it. but i wd like to reconnect. that side of my life was so important a few years ago. it wd be gd. to do something.

i talk too much.

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