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wThursday, July 14, 2005

default summer colour scheme

no work this week, it seems, so have happily occupied three sunny days mostly in my bedroom, organizing the promo push for next ICFTHS projects - press releases, articles, mini-interviews and flyer text. and when not writing, reading. sent 20x 'righteous exile' to agents, monday afternoon, long overdue but hardly urgent. as a means of motivating myself to finish the next piece, 'on the pull of things' (which is longer than the previous three stories put together) have likewise sent 'em to trusted comrades for second opinions (and something new to talk about at parties).

am feeling actually pretty good, like a slow warmth has crept thru my body. yesterday, sprawled like roadkill on my bed in ambient heat, open window and breeze, i reread my leigh bowery bio beginning to end, luxuriating in cheap sentimentality. also went back thru days in the life, a oral history of sixties counterculture and artificial paradises, about drugs in the widest possible sense. mcluhan continues.

all this to feed 200w or so for the reverse of the new ICFTHS flyer/poster (though only faintest traces remain). will surprise a lot of people, i think. drivey's switched styles fairly radically, and the accompanying txt by moi is an attempt to reconnect, to bring back some humanity, take a single step away from the ceaseless propaganda i've been pumping out just recently. which, now that i think about it, is the most advanced form of advertising there is. ha.

anyway, we'll see. sorry for no drama (real or imagined).

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