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wThursday, July 28, 2005

deeper in me

ok, so my life is essentially a street fight and/or domestic bust-up (or even an abusive relationshp) between angst, fun and productivity. this week the latter has eaten the other two whole. i am a *machine*.

didn't bother so much as booking shifts, cdn't see a need. money sitch is relatively rosy, and my overheads are way down 'cause i'm barely leaving the house - i'm barely leaving my bedroom.

starting monday morning, i locked down on the new piece, a tight focus, waking eightish, booting up CPU while i blearily make coffee, check the news and read back over what's already written, then go longhand, text generation usually until lunch. the afternoon i spend choring and napping, making notes if need be, the early eve and onward typing up the day's work and mostly yawning, rubbing eyes and congratulating myself, feeling virtuous. checking friendster, email account, comments boxes, phone for messages. xiu xiu, mountain goats, gang gang dance, siouxsie and the banshees, weirdly.

the research has been interesting for this one: dating services, feng shui, basic physics, animism, interior design... i spent several hours on tuesday making detailed examinations of various corners of my flat and scribbling down observational sketches in a notebook, all from my character's point of view. which is to say i spent an afternoon being a larger lady in a skinny boy. it probably wd have seemed weirder had there been anyone else there.

also: buying t-shirts from e-Bay. furthermore: no, it's gone.

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