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wSunday, May 01, 2005

hold on to anything

good intentions are like gas, as a concept, except they expand to fill whatever empty time you’ve got. spent 48 hours pretty much in my room opening and closing (untouched) the word doc i had to finish. instead, scouted for new music for club, read book, spent awful janitorial hours cleaning all the accumulated trash on my system.

it was no fun, but it’s done now – a pretty exhaustive synopsis for the latest draft of lacklove to send to film agents next week, see if i can drum up any interest. tonight, in first prolonged one-to-one human contact in days, me and le rave watched ‘fellowship of the rings’ on tv and made it bearable by casting each of the characters as an NME band. i won’t go into details ‘cause it got really super-cruel and amusing.

have very interesting meeting lined up sunday afternoon which may result in another push for the club – and another step out of sub-clerical slavery. fingers cross, and more as when.

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