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wWednesday, April 06, 2005

from la heart

i've finished what i shall henceforth call my S.O.S. kit. a brief selection of unperformed scenelets from four full-length plays in four years, a briefer history of same, synopses of my next bad ideas, and a teeth-grindingly sincere request for some assistance over here. writerly mystique is about to get a kiss goodbye.

in good news, there's the faintest possibility ICFTHS will go international - brighton and paris - from august on. this wd happen on a fucking boat. but let's not make any rash assumptions. much remains to be discussed.

seems i have nothing much more to say, so shall draw merciful curtain over uninspired dribble with one final, dramatic flourish: have been making plans for notopia. things are going to change, soon or soonish.

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