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wFriday, December 31, 2004

there are going to be some changes around here in '05. firstly, i've decided to make a point of introducing content other than the meatloaf of my own angst (as i did when i first started this thing).

so: the lamentably departed susan sontag - in links.

sontag had a longstanding professional relationship with the New York Times, and they've repaid her in part with a strong selection of her work here. especially relevant to us now is the essay she wrote in response to the Abu Gharib photos, 'Regarding the torture of others'.

her own website has crashed under the strain of however many people who never got round to reading as much as their work as they should (uh, that'll be me, then) scrambling to reconnect. i'm sure it'll be back presently, but for now it's a raft that's gone down with its passengers.

also galling are some of the hateful, intolerant, ignorant and closed-minded insults people have left over at the BBC memorial page - but unfortunately, it seems symtomatic of the treatment outspoken and unorthodox cultural critics are receiving in the states now (she responds to charges of being a fifth columnist in this salon interview but frustratingly, you need to be a premium member, and i'm not).

happy depressing new year, everyone.

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