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wTuesday, May 11, 2004

welcome to freefall

unemployment is awesome. days are so long, so open, unprocessed.

this morning, i finally printed out the latest draft of the play. i keep purposefully picking it up, putting it down. elsewhere, finished paul morley - now halfway thru john pilger, dosing myself with realism. i have washed virtually my entire wardrobe. i do it in shifts. it is empowering. sometimes i wander into my room and tidy a couple of items when it's least expecting it.

before thursday night i have to write an ironic pamphlet-stroke-fanzine - in character. it is called oh how we laughed. it is extremely stupid in an extremely clever way, or vice-versa. always so difficult to tell.

anyhow, when completed, me & miss kanada will be interviewed about it and the night we kind of co-created together, my boyfriend's record collection. it's for sleaze magazine (formerly sleazenation) which is, i guess, a moderate deal... but the fact that i have to do it in character is mildly stressful and embarrassing. the fact that said character sports a stupid fin and eye-patch, moreso.

i also have to: write final non-print reviews for magazine, sort letter and accompanying propaganda for new nitelife project, arrange to get four brighton bands in one place long enough for fly to interview them (thankfully it's not my responsibility that they're at all coherent, or conscious, or both). oh, and find a job.

meanwhile: i have 37 stars in mario sunshine.

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