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wSunday, February 15, 2004

once upon a bounce

drew a line under a lost weekend, moved on, and so far, so good - let's go:

last sunday, and i'm standing in an abandoned gasworks, cables trailing from bare rafters, entrails ribboning a steel skeleton. it's shading into dusk, and the only light comes from the tubes flickering overhead, the occasional crack of outside where buckled cargo doors don't meet in the middle any more. there are long, windowless corridors, empty windowless rooms. there are industrial cages, fucked old school consoles, a noose of wires in the dead centre of passageway.

my friend pic has brought me here 'cause he wants me to write a horror short for him. i usually steer well clear of genre, but the place does most the work, and i have a rough draft a couple mornings later. is called 'down corridors', provisionally. is horrible. is horrific, i guess, more properly.

meanwhile, am revising old script, 'ice cream soup' for another friend. boy meets girl (in hospital) full stop. wd be pretty refreshing to see this stuff go from theory to practice, prospect of cast and crew making it real, a physical object. makes me feel like a black magician. in a good way.

besides which, Lo-Res looming, ITCFTHS #1 birthday special... also, other news, new projects - prospect of a new deejay tagteam night 'tween ourselves and the 'stop making friends', 'chicks with decks' crews. have name, flyer concept. will reveal all once confirmed, but SOUNDS LIKE FUN.

am reading about machiavelli. is hella cool.

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