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wFriday, January 16, 2004

i cleaned the bathroom this weekend

last thursday. premiere (that means 'first', fact-fans) my boyfriend's record collection, the chx/dx new nite as inspired by yrs truly (and perceptively described by the guardian as 'an inspired idea'...) was so cute. all the clique present and correct, conversations that felt like connections.

friday, me and lexxy out to witness shark, ian and heidi's band. only caught last song, but was my favourite of theirs, so... from there, to joint, for girl on. a direct rival to ICFTHS. the angle was good - punky attitude-heavy female vocal from punk to pop to electro. also appearing: another friend's band (the minkies!)

unfortunately... music let me down. mostly old pop that had long gone flat (see what i did?). also: the minkies cancelled (went to a party in london instead). but salvaged good time, via friends again and hooked up with girl, met briefly, last week...

cut a long story shorter, back to her place, a bunch of us - me, her, and a handful others. was taken into her bedroom and shown her paintings. tried to avoid saying i didn't like them by asking practical questions... have to say, the bad art had put me off a bit.

back in the other room, was soon in conversation that somehow slid into four-way couch huddle. and then things started to get sleazy... felt like i was at a braille conference... various hands doing various things, edging ever closer to a free-for-all.

...so i did what any hot-blooded male wd in the circumstances.

reader, i feigned sleep.

when the cosat was clear, got up, made my goodbyes and walked thru early morning street homeward, shivering and sober. took the long route.

saturday = detournement. this was to be my highlight of the weekend, though i didn't yet know that... saw unknown blonde i've been crushing on for months was around. made firm decision that this time, at least, at last, i wd open lines of communication.

danced with friends. spied girl on dancefloor. watched her go past for approximately thirtieth time... experienced warm GLO. and say: 'hey, you came to It Came from the Sea one time...' she told me her name, she said she liked our club. we sat down. actually had stuff in common. talked for a little while - about american lit of the puritan period, no less - but eventually she says it's her friend's birthday, who's super-drunk, and she really shd be looking after her. so we part.

i speak to her once more, am introduced to said friend, who makes big deal of meeting (though i dunno if she was taking piss). i invite her to afterparty, but she declines. we part once more. it is even worse than the first time. gah.

inevitably, a party. swayzee and tinaland's place. hung with lucy evil and tina mostly. sway played me some embryonic recordings of their band, sounded good, groove-based but shouty.

anyway. went home at seven. slept. got up and cleaned bathroom.

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