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wTuesday, November 11, 2003

destroyer of my happiness

friday nite - met friends at 'stop making friends'. got home on my lonesome to find everyone in bed, except girl staying over in lounge, who i woke en route to kitchen. sat kitchen table and talked to her about hinduism for two cups coffee. bed.

saturday daytime - three for two book deal... peter cook anthology, became compulsive habit of weekend. out that nite, detournement and afterparty... the boys at the club were patrolling the dancefloor like vultures in ever-decreasing circles - hunting for fresh meat, fruitlessly... i was open to the idea of meeting someone, but it wasn't happening... and my upper lost touch with lower body for pretty much remainder of the evening.

sunday = prepping music for club. sunday beast later and mite tipsy. shamed self by screaming 'destroyer of my happiness' in street, long story, not unfunny.

progress on 'a fire in a niteclub' continues apace. bulk of raw material now in place - waiting to be pulled together and redrafted. has been a breeze, sincerely.

and maybe that's got some relation to the sudden change in my mood... occasional bubbles of melancholy pop and... well... essentially, honestly... am such a lusty bunny at the moment. feel like someone's connected me to the mains. god knows how long i can hold off urge to pounce like panther on someone or other...


other news: i have 101 hours paid holiday to take, before end december. this means nice size xmas break... and (tbc) some quality writing time 21-30 nov. could weep with happy. seriously.

was up until three downloading hott trax for club.
feel like animated death.

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