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wSunday, October 12, 2003

good comedown

in the end, theme we decided upon for the nite was straight-up contrast collage of mainstream and underground. so we showed brakhage's 'dog star man' and matthew barney's 'the order' (from cremaster 3) - but at the same time, filled the dancefloor with almost 160 neon balloons - standard dogbowls of sweets on the tables, augmented this time out by bubble liquid and blowers, party poppers etc... never quite sold out, though edged over capacity overall - just not all at once. dancefloor good, general reaction really positive. at first i winced every time i heard a balloon pop, having inflated most of them personally - but then i decided it meant that, each time one burst, one of my breaths was released and i was pretty much happy with that idea.

was fucking drunk by the end - having scraped thru a systems error - coke spilled onto D.A.I.S.Y.'s keyboard and accompanying glitch and crash. taxi went for replacement, and we were ok, but - dunno - talked to drivey about it and neither of us felt the same elation that followed the last two... still, it was a definite solid success, and my final song of the nite - 'i know it's over' by the smiths saw virtually everybody in the place coming together in one big ring - it was just as i'd hoped, really memorable, really cute - a feeling of community or something... a collective emotion...

managed to pack, stagger to taxi and so on, straight to bed on returning home. saturday nite i was out alone, but hooked up with others early on for 'detournement' - massively heart-warming nite of long conversations and multi-player bonding. also initiated a new form of in-disco entertainment - rules were to stand around looking bored until one or other counted down from three (mid-song) upon which everyone involved would throw themselves immediately into full-on going-for-it freak out dancing. it was ludicrously amusing to those in the know, but probably somewhat disconcerting for innocent bystanders - which made it even better, natch.

back to a mini-party, more talking, arabic women's magazines, kitchen bowling - taxi ride home at six in the am, and long largely washed-out day during which i've wandered round house alone, read about 300 pages of a harry potter book someone left lying around, washed virtually all my clothes, and had fearsome dream, mid-afternoon napping. dream deserves entry of own - to be continued...

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