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wFriday, August 29, 2003

reheated social soup

friday last ever queen's head reasonably busy: tinaland + amy came down, some goths sat with us, and my live editor from CT was there, too. driver paranoid 'cause he'd loudly proclaimed his set was going to be 'really gay' down phone to keilly, thought barpeeps might have heard, cared (his set was pretty damn housey. not sure i approve). after that, went with amy to indie club. was infernal - but full of people i knew, all of whom protested they 'never' went there, y'know, 'usually'. there was multistorey party afterwards, but cdn't be bothered - people were talking it up too much - it was bound to be bad. saturday western rd for 'gathering'... left at seven, went home, slept for an hour then cdn't any more - got up and watched 'ice age' (seen it four times in two weeks now). back to bed about ten, and slept till one. offered guest list place to see friend's band, but too tired/busy. then, me + lola ate lame fish + chips, watched 'charlie's angels' on david (quite liked it, actually). friday ICFTHS#6 sell-out - best yet - we put pink dogbowls on the tables and filled 'em with sweets, fake rosebuds with fake dew, black balloons with skull & crossbones on them... showed 'atlantis', 'tears of the black tiger' and 'waking life'. dancefloor carnage all nite long. triumphant finale - during which me and driver are so giddy and drunk we do *synchronized dancing* in the deejay booth, and i thank the crowd thru the megaphone - head down to the beach, und zen to bob's, to bask in adulation. foolishly, i have *overindulged* and lose the plot a bit. become vacant. ghost has to slap me to wake me up. saturday barbeque in the back - spend huuge amount on food, lots of which ends up inedible - or at least unappetizing... still, amazing what a little (or a lottle) sauce can do. watch 'ice age' again. that nite - 'detournement' - barely in the place before people are coming up and congratulating us on nite before - have good dancefloor time - last up, ridiculous synchro-techno dancing to 'la roc' with swayzee and driver... we leave afterparty relatively early - wanna catch up with ghost and tick, sit round, just the bunch of us - out in the garden until daylight hits. sleep eventually, then up again - goto beach, pier - arcade (4-player shooting games) and karaoke bar. stroll home, sit round in early evening heat, back garden again - and light candles, drink wine... *civilized*. later, into house and watch 'spirited away'. driver, lola and brook flake out because they are *weak*. friday 'glitter & twisted' then back to ok party which terminated at about five in the mo when we all piled into square outside and played competitive team frisbee. ridiculous. saturday and sunday, stayed in, worked on zine. after three straight days writing - COULD - NOT - SLEEP. wasted today, utterly. wednesday watched friend usurped in job prospects by more manageable / mouldable subordinate. flirted / daydreamed elsewhere.

thursday staring at monitor, swearing, trying to get Word and Photoshop to be friends, enduring veiled insults from driver re:non-existent design skillz, cleaning bathroom, toilet, trying to sort out what actual songs you're actually supposed to be playing, anyway, last minute, obsessing over whether zine is actually any good or just embarrassing, composing mass mail for da fanz, updating mal account, sending mail, staying up too late, failing to get up on time, swearing, being told off, updating blog, etc etc.

friday Lo-Res, and it's quiet... up until about ten, when suddenly it's not. arts council guy came down, but we didn't get time to talk to, particularly - plus some idiot re-arranged driver's photos so they couldn't be viewed for the last hour (nite only lasted three). zine seemed to go down well - was even asked to sign one. didn't, obviously. but yay. fave Lo-Res set ever. sarah pain so happy i played 'sample & hold' by neil young, that she phoned her mum to tell her (was drunk). SATURDAY into london with miss pain - back of the van, equipment etc, sex, drugs, all that... venue really cool underground bar, band play strong set, best applause of nite. on the way home, there are six of us shoehorned in back with equipment - me, the band and everett true + wife. is funny at first, then progressively more and more uncomfortable, then slightly painful...
back around three, went to bob's party just as driver etc leaving. i stayed, took part in the *creative* part of the evening - everyone drawing drug-addled portraits of each other. yay. slept most sunday. tuesday reading at art gallery - one we're hopefully gonna be collaborating with. was kool. couple of friends gave readings, was puppet show, live cartoons, etc... friend dave suit was performing quite high on the bill. when i arrived, asked if he'd planned his appearance. he says, no - that he was actually hoping they'd cancelled him... seemed a bit down about the whole thing. so - took him to local shop to buy props - consisted of bread, porn mag, tape and clingfilm (latter was my idea). when it's his turn to perform, he eats porn page sandwich, then tapes assorted ingredients to his head - and that's about it... y'know, he really used to try harder...

wednesday shrag ruled. all wore costumes - helen had an artist's smock, with paint splotches and 'SHRAG' written across... during first instrumental) song, nick stood on monitors and showed the audience messages on a big artist's pad - started asking people to be gentle with them etc, but then went onto 'LOOK AT THEM. THEY HAVEN'T EVEN NOTICED I'M NOT PLAYING'. 'THAT'S IT. I'M LEAVING.' and he did. then he came back - 'DID THEY STOP? DID THEY MISS ME?' - 'OH, I MAY AS WELL JUST JOIN IN.' and did. it was class. i was so proud of them.

friday driver + i stayed in, drank, argued and watched teevee. saturday, off to Scream Studios to see friend's band play. venue was kool - black room, neon lights, mannequins with LEDs, flourescent strips... gutted telephones, circuitboards on walls - deejay booth/mixing desk in silver splashdown capsule... bar an aquarium with another spooky mannequin floating inside. mooooving right along - after, hip-hop club. where they hardly played any hip-hop, just boo-o-o-ring funk/soul instrumental stuff. asked if they had any neptunes: no. asked if they had any dre: no. timbaland: forget it. depressing. left early. others stayed out. saturday spent £35 on books - outsider art, british theatre 1945-2000, third volume of caryl churchill, my fave contemporary playwright's works, three books poetry (dickinson, goethe, pushkin). sunday air guitar championships - really packed, fun, funny. at least for two hours or so. then novelty wore off, and i got bored. left before end, drenched in sweat, lager. sunday hottest day for 130 years. pretty much stayed in my room like a caveman, did some reading, more sleeping. hadn't gotten to bed the nite before - and crashed in aftermath of party, friday. friday went to art opening, friends' show at friends' gallery... was pretty good, quite liked. gonna collaborate with both of 'em. then on to party, where we were deejaying. was only moderately busy till the hoardes we invited from gallery descended and took over (party people were cool with this - they wanted it as rammed as possible). noise complaints, council officials and drivey completely losing the plot - i had to take over for an hour while he went off to collect himself. played till five, ridiculously... crashed there. woke very early morning, stumbled to toilet, cdn't remember which room i'd come from, so went lay down on the (wooden) lounge floor. back home, sleeping, reading, completely shunning sunlight, gay pride... after, 'detournement' - quite quiet, nothing 'specially exciting. then party till six. warm beer, conversation. sunday = nothing.

tuesday nite was kool (i can't spell). me and jonny others met up with juan, caught last klang song (ok). electrelane, always amazingly tight live - plus, new songs are growing on me. they're not really entertainers, as such, but their musicianship is pretty awesome. sleater-kinney were more fun (if ultimately less satisfying). rock goddess poses, catchy choruses, banter between tracks... walked home with miss sarah pain - scribbled biro graffiti on walls, signs as she scoured streets for props - they're playing tonite. wednesday my evening was tedioso, mostly. walked brighton's unfashionable london road, put up about five posters, if that. home, brief nap, receive the intro txt for ceedee as written by none only than everett true. finalize track listing, bask in smug glow for a while. drink wine, write-up track listing. format intro. begin thx section. email bunch people, nothing interesting. hassle bands about their pages, cash... friday har mar superstar - really busy, good crowd - har mar soon had various chicks up on stage bumping and grinding with him (inc some of our friends). after show, allegedly tried to organize orgy, took group back to hotel (not inc any of our friends). apparently that didn't go so well, so he came back and ended up leaving with girl we know who's spent 'quality time' with him before. twice. ...and then to studio under prom - actually built into cliff. tres cool. our friends in band shark played stunning version of 'moonage daydream'. full volume, point blank. then sat and watched miss pain try and roll a joint collectively - very badly. was amusing. left there to go sit in pavilion gardens, on grass. bunch of us. was ok. got chilly, getting light. went home, slept. saturday and sunday = work. designy stuff, chasey-band-stuff, poster-town stuff... saw second half of liverpool match. up until 3:30 last nite. fatigued down to my soles. considering the amount of work still to be done, may well be like this every nite this week. eek. wednesday bandzine chores, zombified all day. last nite, up until 2:00 - sticking labels on ceedees. oh, the glamour... tonite, sorting out D.A.I.S.Y. the deejay peecee, who went mental at that party, the other weekend, hasn't been the same since... and... i dunno - other stuff. probably involving chasing bands, collaborators etc.

friday nite rocked long, rocked hard. people arrived early, filled the place way before nine. that said, wasn't as hyper-busy as we'd mentally prepared for - but that was partially 'cause The Gossip were playing downstairs, and many were swapping between the two... all the ceedees went, zines were distributed, beermats palmed... jota's set went well, and after, there was smallish party at dom & verity pain's place. i passed out almost immediately, and a handful of us crashed there. spent much of next day sitting round with 'em, watching old david bowie vids, reading thru their books, eating fry-up, drinking tea - you know the score... then onto party/mini-festival in someone's house/garden. shrag headlining. some guy butted some other guy in the crowd (then had a go at the guy he butted for losing his glasses - arf!) there was apparently further antagonism while we went off to miss pain's 'l'amour electronique' french pop/electro nite - friend got into fight, left. so a bunch of our crew had departed when we got back. anyway, nite meandered on, and we left when daylight hit. slept much of sunday, got up to watch 'about schmidt', wine, bed. monday, up early (ish) - downloaded loads new trax, at least a couple of clubbables... and then wrote, rest of day - re-read new play. really really like it, gonna get back on track with it. will re-draft first scene and mail it to you - maybe even tonite (no guarantees - but possible).

tuesday = frustration. got home, locked out, hung around. read book. got cold. went pub. read book, drank pint. went back. locked out, no one home. two hours, now. go get money, walk to gallery. arrive. hook up with friends and acquaintances. amy, mostly - who apologises for being monstered at the weekend. some good readings, some completely irrelevent, seems, but still. friend's band kind of play - rock wigs, loads home keyboards, metranomes, toy record player, radio etc - switch each on in turn, leave in different part audience - near end, are taping down entire banks of keys, just generating noise. quite liked. phone home again. people in at last. had been circus, meal, cinema. ooh la la. buy chips on way home. eat most. fall asleep.

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