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wThursday, June 19, 2003

bury my mouth at careless talk

i don't know, y'know, what actual percentage of face my mouth makes up - but sometimes it feels like seventy or eighty percent...

went to Careless Talk party alone, housemates lying dormant. was betting on meeting at least one person i knew, and managed it twice before i hit the bar. was really really fun - friend pic introduced me to ny girl with whom i'm hopefully gonna have a cultural exchange - uh, wait... that's not a euphemism - what i'm saying here is - when she's back in ny, i'll send her master copies of my zine which she'll pho/copy and distro - and i'll do same for her, here. will be good. hands across the ocean etc.

meanwhile, me and pic went on a conversational safari that included him inviting me to exhibit in the Free Kemp Town Gallery (underlit alley somewhere off the drag, to which he spraypaints constructive criticism) > me naming his new band - The Means of Production (this had already been the name of my one-man tee-shirt collective, and daydream backing band in the day since i thought of it - kicking_k and the means of production! how kool?) > his retelling of some squat crew's 26-second art shows (time it takes for lights to change) > his art movement, auto-narcissism ("there's no 'i' in 'me'") and my related idea to have one Lo-Res called 'nite of 100 manifestos' or something equally stupid, whereby every one attending has to bring their own... was quite drunk by this point, obviously...

ran into miss kanada on way home and verbally mugged her. mostly regarding the fact her hair's suddenly gone blue/black ("like superman!" i exclaimed, embarrassingly) and mine may soon be black and blue. this is a different thing. shall explain later.

for now, i'm shutting up - and down.

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