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wThursday, June 13, 2002

ephemeral frag

just some bits + bytes that wouldn't fit any other place. don't bother even attempting to join the dots.

- i'm sick of rejection letters. today's appeared to chastise me for not being scottish enough.
- sometimes, when my mind's misfiring, when i'm down - or low, at least - or conflicted - i catch myself singing bad song lyrics by uncool bands.
- spiderman sporadically rocked, but mostly semi-sucked. though i definitely don't blame tobey or kirsten for that. people were giggling uncomfortably with some of the honestly excruciating dialogue.
- on more than a couple of occasions, i've actually been sincerely moved when the robot mascot from word pops up and says something reassuring. "things that go away by themselves can come back by themselves" almost had me in tears.
- this morning, cnut aka my northern connection mailed me another six pages of our comic collaboration, fingerscross. it's increasingly ace.
- no one comments any more. and even when they do, everyone uses their real name. which is not good for their mystique or mine.
- i've apparently been appearing in other peoples' dreams.
- and today a fucking ATM told me i had less money - in the motherfucking world - than the smallest note in its cold unfeeling guts. and then, on my way to work, i notice a busted shop sign that reads 'state Agents'. are these two incidents unconnected? the answer, my friends, is yes.

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