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wSunday, June 02, 2002

burn buckingham burn

i really wasn't planning on grandstanding re: the whole 'fuck the jubilee' thing, but this is just too perfect. a fire at the palace, a pack of toadying, servile showbusiness-class drones evacuated to the tennis courts... 'dunkirk spirit' invoked somehow, mystifyingly.

'course, i'm glad no one was hurt - i value human life - even the reptillian throwbacks that constitute the royal family. i mean, never mind the fact that they're once more flaunting their status sitting above the law by opting out of inheritance tax, politely declining to pay anything back into the society that supports them.

never mind the fact they leech countless amounts from the rest of us, who are still, in the 21st century, apparently beneath them, biologically, irrevocably. never mind their sheer irrelevence, the bad soap opera of a sacred bloodline at the heart of a supposedly modern country.

and never mind the fact that the money they squander on their fucking fascist playboy/playgirl lives of unlimited leisure, could instead go into health, or education. the health and the education of the nation, it seems, are still secondary concerns - welcome to great britain 2002.

and the costumes, and the carriages, and the palaces - the elevation of base materialism we're suposed to call 'pomp' - they're good for tourism, right?

fuck tourists.

i wanna live in a democracy.

i wanna live in a country where i'm not told, implicitly, indirectly, that - because i was spawned by the working classes, i'm inferior, i'm a 'subject'. and it's my lot to do whatever my country asks of me, all the time propping up a figurehead that will always look a long way down on me.

fuck the aristocracy.

let's abolish them.

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