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wSaturday, May 18, 2002

sea flood streets

i've been hustling hard in the real world.

last weekend, driver and i hit town with a cool thousand copies of it came from the sea, spent several hours trying and mostly failing to explain exactly what it was to a procession of bemused smiles, raised eyebrows... in the process, scored an invitation to some kind of boho-sounding nite at fabrica, met up with brighton's premier self-proclaimed outsider artists in the brighton media centre (super-underground!) ...and pretty much managed to get it everywhere we'd planned. celebrated by getting drunk and watching fireworks, some park somewhere with bunny and benji.

this week in work, i've been revising the THE3RDPERSON script, having finally bit bullet and printed out entire rambling datastream. spent every available break, inside or out, in the sun, sitting scribbling all over print-outs, made some really encouraging progress - exxtreme critique. and, tuesday thru thursday nites, we've been making the ceedee happen. it's quite sincerely a work of incestuous genius. i challenge anyone to find an integrated mix that slips from timbaland's 'i am music', into the love theme from crouching tiger, hidden dragon, into moldy peaches 'who's got the crack?'. it really shouldn't work. it really, really does.

it's called 'double bluff'. it's 80minutes long, has more hooks than an abattoir, and will, i'm certain, secure us a weeknite session at one of brighton's many clubs. there's a final tidy-up mix scheduled for sunday nite, then we'll design and make card cover, start our assault on brighton's blissfully ignorant audiowaves.

oh, and i finally figured out how to describe it came from the sea, in its paper incarnation - it's 'the pamphlet that thinks it's an artskool happening'. yay!

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