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wWednesday, May 29, 2002

MUM: From where we are... A small hotel on the border – we have seen between twenty and thirty missiles pass not too far overhead.
GEM: What? Missiles? Wait – are you –
MUM: (Accompanied by sound FX) And – as we speak, there are large plumes of smoke just visible in the twilight – those sounds you can hear are the explosions. (Beat) Judging by the time between them passing and – reaching their target – it must be assumed this first wave has struck the capital city.
DAD: Was their any indication an attack was on the way?
MUM: No. No, there wasn’t. In fact, I was actually having my dinner when the first couple went over – I rushed to the roof – there’s quite a crowd of us now – and – actually, I should mention I can now see anti-aircraft fire in the sky above the city. There are beads of fire – not much light left now so it’s not as easy to make out the columns of smoke but – you can still hear combinations of explosions -
GEM: No. No. What are you doing?
MUM: Now – another phalanx of missiles have just passed overhead – even more, if anything, than before – they’re spread out – accelerating as they near their – objective.
GEM: It’s a city. It’s just -
MUM: Dropping very low now... (Beat) I can just see their vapour trails threading in – the red glare of their rockets looks like the lit tips of cigarettes.
DAD: Did you manage to ascertain the type of missile?
MUM: Difficult to say with absolute certainty – but certainly mid-range, guided devices...
DAD: Can you estimate their destructive capability?
MUM: Well – judging by the pall that one can just make out against the fading sky – the occasional flashes of fire as one hits home – I’d certainly say these must be some pretty heavy ordnance.
DAD: Any reason why the attack is being launched now?
MUM: I assume – can only imagine – that it is largely for surprise. At about this time, people are returning home from work -
GEM: What the fuck are you doing? How can you just sit there like it’s the most reasonable thing in the world?


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