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wWednesday, May 01, 2002

in solidarity and all that etc: when i first moved to the last town i lived in, i turned up with a self-penned manifesto, assembled variously from situationism, eastern philosophy and general artskool pretension: here are some soundbites: may all streets everywhere blossom once more:

"kids doped-up w/capitalist lust raging the rooms of their homes w/candy-coloured guns. adolescents masturbating to soft-focus sex fetishes, dirt blonde and dumb. boys and girls on the threshold of state-sanctioned maturity jumping footfirst into uniforms and dull, dull ambition.

as you read this, millions, literally millions, in this country alone are giving the best moments minutes hours days weeks months years of their lives f.nothing...except to perpetuate some bullshit system that will throw them away when it has finished w/them.

closing their eyes and growing old. drowning in lukewarm water. they spend their sunlight in offices factories shopping centres family homes. they spend their nights bf. the television the radio the opera. letting the water envelop their limbs. opening their infant mouths so it can pour right in."

what happens to kids under capitalism?
"kids under capitalism catch the magpie instinct young - through commercial festivals; xmas...birthdays... kids under capitalism can only see history as written by the winners - and the winners were the money-men, the self-interest men...multinational corporations or kids w/bright ideas...everyone that crawled fm. the slums only to sell their brothers and sisters out - all in the name of luxury.

kids under capitalism learn that the 'meaning' of their life will be determined by their career, and, a certain amount of disappointment almost inevitable in this sphere, that they can be happy regardless thanks to the breeding game. kids under capitalism are encouraged never to grow up. in order f. modern society to function, the citizens must behave like infants. and then kids under capitalism turn into their mothers or their fathers..."

"...the capitalist system ...a perversion of human nature which extends the vices of selfishness to all...which puts all people in contention w/eachother; which makes an artificial environment of struggle which encourages everyone to sell out in the interest of personal advancement.

capitalism asks you to make a choice : be a thief or a whore."

happy mayday, everyone. and remember:
no one can stop you if you refuse to stop.

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