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wFriday, May 24, 2002

going notopia fast

the thing about unrequited love
is that sooner
or later
desire sours.

and the thing about starting fires is...
fire flowers
fire flowers.

- which was my scribbled sub-poetic response yesterday morning, upon learning that the Jerwood Short Film Prize has been added to my tally of competitions entered, competitions lost.

it's a darwinian reminder: you. might. not. make. it.

not to mention that, today i got my first rejection letter for 'evil is fake' - "Sorry to disappoint but we have decided not to take this play further at Hampstead Theatre. Although there is some skill in Evil is Fake, we feel the writing foregrounds style at the expense of meaning."

other people control yr destiny, if you presume to live yr life outside the bounds of yr own everyday experience. outward success is, after all, a two-way societal deal. and i hate the fact that i need audiences, patrons, 'industry professionals'. actually: i just decided: if 'evil is fake' and 'THE3RDPERSON' fail to break via the direct route - if there's not an artistic director out there willing to take a chance on me - i'll DIY. i'll organize my own grass roots theatre co. we will be called 'the ant farm'. i will be benevolent dictator and minister of propaganda. we will take brighton, then we will take london.

don't fuck with me. i've run out of anaesthetic.

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