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wFriday, April 26, 2002

Lights down. The noise of a phone conversation, plagued by interference, cut-up and pasted back together.

ABLE: Hello?
DEADWOOD: I can’t go on. I can’t. I tried and I failed, I’m fucking useless. I can’t do it any more. I can’t afford the energy. I can’t fake it. Don’t even try and stop me. I’ve made my mind up.


ABLE: Ok. (Pause) Ok – look – it’s not my job to boss you around. But – when you say, you can’t go on...
DEADWOOD: I can’t.


ABLE: Everyone hits a brick wall every now and again.
DEADWOOD: I hit one every time I get out of bed.

Stop. Restart.

ABLE: Hi. You’re through to (interference BEEEEEEEEEP)
DEADWOOD: I get so tired. I get so tired all the time. (Pause) I wanna sleep forever.


DEADWOOD: I can’t do it. I’m tired.
ABLE: So take a break – come back at it with all your energy.
DEADWOOD: I’ve had a break. I’ve been asleep for 17 hours. (Pause) I haven’t seen the news in three weeks.

Pause. Play.

DEADWOOD: I feel like someone’s rebooted the system with a non-system disk. (Pause) I think someone’s reading my diaries.


ABLE: How do you feel today?
DEADWOOD: I’m angry. I’m an asterisk.
ABLE: Why are you angry?
DEADWOOD: I started the play today.
ABLE: Well done! (Pause) That’s a good thing. You should be proud of yourself.
DEADWOOD: I’m drinking too much. I’m having memory lapses. (Pause) I could erase everything I’ve written and I wouldn’t have lost a thing.
ABLE: That’s not true.
DEADWOOD: How do you know?

- as an omen, maybe... exc from bad data, PopCult

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