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wFriday, April 26, 2002

so: last weekend, rocky was down again, angling for some job. one stupid nite, drunk, playing video games on nikon's PC emulator of all things, we start talking about my theatre meet (monday! *fear*) - now, he's fresh from an interview, and goes all big brotherly - advises me to dress formally. i say no way. we go from there to an argument, which is what happens 33% of the time we exchange statements.

i think what he was missing, when he was advising me to hit them with the shoes and sharp tie approach - and forgive me for being unable to stretch outside capitalist analogies for this - is that in this situation, i'm not going there to convince them i'm a model worker but an exciting product. they read (and 'especially enjoyed') a schizoid, conflicted, self-referential play in 13 experimental shifts - mostly completely unrelated to one another. so i'm guessing they're pretty open-minded. this is why i shall be wearing at least trace amounts of eyeliner/mascara.

if things are going well, i might even tell them about that magickal ritual...

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