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wSaturday, April 27, 2002

so: in couple hours, will jump train, go north - and by tonite will be rekindling friendships at my promoter buddy safari's monkey magic nite - checking other friend brooklyn, who claims to have become a scratch deejay since i saw him last... and may wind up sleeping in his van, with one or more people. have also been invited to a free party 'at a secret location in yorkshire' - gives me a phone number to contact for a 'treasure map'... old acid house tactics to avoid the authorities. mail's from 'the very tidy pirates', which is, i assume the new name of another friend's band. they asked me to come up with a name for them. my suggestion was stealth mode. they threatened albino negro... maybe this is some kind of bizarro compromise.

may not get chance to blog again, this side of my date with fate.

wish me madd luck

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