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wFriday, April 26, 2002

panic vee fantasy

i knew this would happen. it was always inevitable.

my life right now is a straight fight between panic and fantasy.

i'm panicking because we'll have to move soon and i genuinely don'thavethemoneyforit i'mpanicking because myjobisabouttoend aweekearly and i'm barely staying afloatanyway -

so i'm fantasising that, when i get to manchester...

the theatre are desperate to put on one of my plays
and want to give me a cash advance
and a chance to co-direct
and don't want much of a rewrite
and i get to hang with the cast and socialize in manchester
and there's a big opening nite montage with swarms of people
and applause
and the newspapers flooded with hyperbolic fucking full page reviews
there's a hott new writer and he's -

...in full flight from reality.


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